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  • Urinating and defecating on any surface
  • ​Soiling and tearing up insulation or other building materials
  • Spreading diseases such as Baylisascaris, Hantavirus, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Salmonella, and Rabies
  • Spreading parasites such as mites,fleas and ticks
  • Chewing through electrical wires
  • Noise disturbance at day/night and unpleasant orders
  • Building nests in soffit areas,walls,attics,damaging property etc.

Problems Associated with Nuisance wildlife

Whether you're dealing with an invasion of raccoons, squirrels, opossums, voles, and birds, these critters can ruin your property and can spread serious diseases. If not handled properly, wildlife issues can escalate quickly and become very difficult to manage.

  • Inspection reports for your business, and home
  • Identification of species causing damage
  • Use of humane and responsible wildlife trapping and removal methods
  • Exclusion Services to prevent re-entry
  • Assist homeowners on how to eliminate future problem (ie. landscape issues, food sources, and possible construction flaws.)
  • Proper licensing and training in wildlife
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local wildlife control regulations and requirements
  • Experience handing wildlife related insurance cliams

Get Rid of Wildlife Issues in Your Home or Business

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​Services Provided

As nuisance wildlife control experts, the wildlife control team at

Shield Pest Control provides more than just trapping and removal services; our Wildlife Service Professionals clean up and repair any damage caused by wildlife and prevent them from invading again.We take care of bird issues and all install TAP.

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