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  • Rats and mice:are very common in the fall, winter, and spring.
  • Bed bugs: year round invade homes by being transported by yourself,and guest
  • Roaches, ants, and beetles etc.: all have have seasonal activity peaks.
  • Yellow jackets, hornets,carpenter bees, wasps, and bees: are most noticed in the summer after their colonies grow large, but they are best managed early spring.
  • Wood destroying organism: (termites, and powder post beetles) swarm in spring but the assault on your home goes unnoticed.
  • Racoons,squirrels,opossum,moles,and birds:  cause physical damage to homes our objective is to eliminate any and all pest before they can become a problem to you.​​                                         

Environmental considerations: the materials and applications we use today are much friendlier to the environment than the products used few years back. This also means, however, that the products tend to break down faster, so increased frequency of application is necessary to maintain protection around your home and your family. 

    Seasonal Pest. Many pests occur seasonally. For example​:



    • Proactive Pest Control Inspections. Each visit includes a thorough inspection of your property for recent activity and pest-inducing structural and environmental conditions

    • Enchanced Pest Treatment. Environmentally sensitive pest control is always our first choice. If a product is needed activity trained Pest Management Professional select the best treatment with the least environmental impact.

    • Consultation and Communication. We discuss with you our findings, treatment, and any recommendations we may have to enhance protection between services. In addition, we provide you with written report of our service. ​                                                                                                
    • We develop customized treatment plans for each home based on situation and environment.



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